You Do Not Have To Talk To These People If You Do Not Want To

We all sometimes think that talking is obligatory in particular situations, right? However, the truth is, that if you do not want to, you can go on without talking to certain kind of people in certain situations. And no one can hate you for that. Are you curious what these situations are? Let´s have a look together!

  1. When you are at a hairdresser´s. I know, many people go to a hairdresser and complain about their life, their boyfriends, their job, or simply gossip. But the truth it that you do not have to do it. If you prefer to be silent or to read a book or a magazine, then do it! The chances are that the hairdresser will be more than pleased too.
  2. Driving in a cab. You do not have to talk to a taxi driver. If you prefer to enjoy your ride silently, then feel free to do it!
  3. When somebody delivers you a package. Again, no conversation required. Just say thank you and that is it!
  4. At dental hygienist´s. Again, just feel free to close your eyes and relax.
  5. On a plane. You do not really have to talk to a person sitting next to you.
  6. When you meet somebody from high school you have not really seen since high school. Just ask them how they are and that is all. No long conversation, no lunch, no nothing.


Jessica Hawk