When You Are Missing B12

Do you have any idea what it does to you when you do not have enough B12? Anyone? Well, you probably do not know this but as you age, your body loses the ability to absorb vitamin B12 from food. Okay, it does not lose this ability completely, let´s just say that it is more difficult for your body to absorb this vitamin.

Well, here are some symptoms that might help you identify your lack of B12. Enjoy!

  1. You are tired. You cannot stay awake after midday. And the reason is not because you do not get enough sleep.
  2. You are weak. Literally. You cannot carry your shopping bag from the grocery store without feeling terribly exhausted.
  3. Weird pain. This is something that can happen if you do not get enough B12.
  4. You are not thinking clearly. And you often do strange things just like putting your keys into fridge, or something.
  5. You feel dizzy, and your skin loos pale.
  6. Your tongue is red. And it also is smooth.
  7. You cry. Often. And you worry often too.
  8. You may even experience some difficulties with your eyes. Be careful!

So, if you think that you might have problems with B12, then you should visit your doctor as quickly as possible.