Think Better sex in Marriage is a Myth? See Why You’re Wrong

Marriage is not easy. This is the ultimate truth that many people still do not seem to get.

We all want to get married, but is marriage really what we want? Or do we just want the wedding? Well, that is difficult to say.

But with all the complications that come along the way, marriage is not really that attractive anymore. People seem to be giving up too fast on their relationships nowadays. Every problem seems to be fatal. Just like sex in marriage, which seems to be one of the main causes of divorce.


Let´s be honest. We always hear and read about how sex in marriage slowly diminishes. But is it how it is supposed to be? Can sex in marriage be working or is it destined to die?

Well, of course it can! Although you may not believe that it is possible. You see, sex does not just happen to be good. You need to make it good by constantly working on it. Together as a couple!

You need to share your fantasies and your desires. You will never be satisfied with your sex life if you do not communicate with your partner. So, if you do not learn how to talk about sex, then of course it will never be great.

Instead, stop taking things so seriously and have fun! Enjoy your time together. And most importantly, have some quality time together. Without kids, without the TV without work. Just the two of you. Go away for the weekend. Just do not forget that you are a husband and a wife and not just parents.

And if you are too busy, then make a schedule! You need to reserve some time for the romance. And you need to start going on dates again!

Jessica Hawk