Things Women Need To Stop Doing After Turning 30

How old are you? Well, if you already turned 30, then you should now be doing these things! It is only for your good, so, do not fight it! Check out the list and try to make some necessary changes.

  1. Stop apologizing for everything. Some things are not your fault. And you are not supposed to apologize for them.
  2. Do not argue with your parents when you are visiting. Just let it all slide.
  3. Do not reject compliments. You are a big girl and you should know that putting yourself down will not make people like you more. Just say thank you and that is it.
  4. Going on terrible dates. Come on, stop lying to yourself. These dates are not going to give you anything. They are only robbing you of your time.
  5. Stop freaking out about being single. You have plenty of time.
  6. Do not freak out over a wrinkle. Well, you kind of knew it would happen, right?
  7. Do not buy things you do not actually like just because they are trendy. You should know yourself by the time you are thirty.
  8. Do not hate your body. Be proud of it. Or, do something about it if you are not satisfied. But do not hate it for nothing.
  9. Stop smoking. It is not doing anything good and there are always better ways of dealing with stress.
  10. Start travelling. Stop talking about it.
  11. Drinking for fun. You know how to have fun without alcohol, right?

Jessica Hawk