Things Sugar Is Doing To your Body

How much sugar do you eat per day? Well, perhaps after reading about the things that sugar is doing to your body you will eat less of it.

  1. Sugar causes fat to build up around your organs. Well, supposing that your diet is high in fructose but that can easily be avoided. Just do not drink that much soda.
  2. It can help you towards diabetes. Therefore you need to keep your eyes wide open.
  3. Diabetes may then cause heart disease.
  4. Sugar can cause tense artery walls which are the cause of high blood pressure.
  5. Sugar is connected to high cholesterol.
  6. You can develop a sugar addiction. Meaning, you will get used to the amount of sugar you eat every day and you body will want more!
  7. It makes you feel terribly hungry. If you feel the need for something sweet, just go for a walk. It will help you fight the urge.
  8. It does not really give you the energy you need. It makes you feel tired!
  9. In the end, sugar does not really make you feel happier. It is quite the opposite.
  10. Wrinkles. Yes, sugar can damage the collagen in your skin and cause it to look old.

So? How do you feel about eating sugar now? Probably not as good as you used to!

Lydia Simpson