The Unsexy Parts Of Sex

Sure, we only see or hear about the nice parts of the sex. We rarely get to know about the disgusting things that can happen during the sex, however, the truth is that these things are quite common. And we only learn about them once we experience it on our own. But you do not have to. All you have to do is read this list of unsexy things that happen:

  1. Queefing. It is natural and there really is not anything disgusting about it, however, it really is not helping you get into the mood, right?
  2. When dirty talk goes wrong, it can ruin the atmosphere too.
  3. For some people semen can be disgusting.
  4. Condoms. Yeah, they are pretty necessary, however, some people may find them unsexy.
  5. The noise. Well, you can tun the music on while having sex and make an end to your suffering, so this should not be a problem.
  6. Taking the clothes off. It is not always as sexy as when a professional stripper does it, right?
  7. Sweat. Well, what else can be said about this one.
  8. The face that people make when they reach orgasm.
  9. The dirty part of the sheets. Well, nobody wants to sleep on wet sheets, right?

So? What is the thing that you consider absolutely unsexy about sex?

Jessica Hawk