The Thoughts You Have When You Are In A New Workout Class

When it comes to working out, we are all up for trying new things. Although, we know that it takes a lot of courage and hard work, to start pursuing a new kind of exercise. And a lot of determination, of course. However, the first time in a new class, is never easy. Especially for those, who tend to be scared of everything new. But even the fact that you came to a new class is something! So, try to stick around until the end, and not run away. Although, your thoughts will probably not be the best thoughts.

You will probably be lost, and sweating terribly, thinking: “why am I even doing this?”, you will want to leave several times during the workout and will desperately look around for some inconspicuous emergency exit and you will definitely hate yourself for coming to that class at some point. However, then, everything will begin to get better. Suddenly, you will find yourself understanding the moves and you will no longer feel like an idiot. And eventually, you will be the queen of the class!

So perhaps, despite all the struggling, it is still worth it! Because in the end, you will want to come to that next class!


Lydia Simpson