Spanish Gold Fly Test and Review

Loss of libido or the desire to make love with their partner has become a major problem for relationships in recent years. The American Medical Association with Medicals Report has estimated that over 50 million women in U.S alone are suffering in their marriages because of low libido.

Lack of Libido meaning

Spanish-gold-fly-sex-dropsLack of libido doesn’t mean that they can’t have sex all together, they can orgasm and initiate in sex but they don’t enjoy it or even get turned on by the idea. Regardless to say it’s a major turn off for every man out there. While some very few who are lucky get over this on their own naturally but the majority of these women seek medical help and pay heavy fee’s with nothing to show for it.

All Natural Libido Enhancers

Looking at a perspective market to make more money many industrialists took the chance and launched their own line of All Natural Libido Enhancers that fell short or were either completely baseless, full of false claims. After thoroughly reviewing Spanish Gold Fly and researching it origin along with previous history we will provide you with an honest review as to why you need to stop immediately or never start!

What Is Spanish Gold Fly

Spanish-Gold-Fly-2Spanish Gold Fly is advertised as the perfect blend of naturally occurring ingredients it boosts energy levels, enhances sexual organs, help modulate hormone balance, improve mood, and stimulate the desire for sex in an all-natural way. This is said to increase erotic urges in both men and women and takes only about a couple of minutes to get started. Spanish fly acts as an enhancer of the female libido and is taken by females to help them achieve better arousal levels and better orgasms.

Use it in drop form

When it used in drop form, it can be used in medicine as a topical application for treatment of benign epithelial growths including most warts. They are also used in incense in Santeria. Spanish fly can be taken in liquid form, with as many as 15 drops enough to act as a sexual stimulant when mixed with water. The Spanish fly is an emerald-green blister beetle found in Southern Europe.

Dangerous as it sounds

But that’s where one of the major problem starts it’s not a fly but a “blister beetle” with has a similar name and has a chemical in its body that causes irritation on the part that comes in contact with it. When rubbed on the body it produces blisters (hence its name). When the dried, crushed body of the beetle is eaten, it causes inflammation of all the organs of the genital tract, including the genital organs. Yes this really is as dangerous as it sounds.

Is it Really All Natural?

spanish-gold-flyYou might find the idea of it being all natural as appealing but in all common sense it being all natural has nothing to do with its effect and how bad it can be for your body. Allegedly, the Spanish fly is a powerful aphrodisiac which has a commanding impact on women. But that’s the main problem throughout history it has been used to excite men ad has had no effect on women, including me.  Besides the fact I was screaming on my toilet after a while might have something to do with it. However, it is important to note that this is not an aphrodisiac to be taken on your own.

Is it Even Worth It

Remember that it can be a fatal poison even to men for whom it was originally created especially if the Spanish Fly is not taken in the precise dosage. The actual Spanish Fly that is used on bulls during breeding has cantharides in it, which is a blistering agent.  A male sexual tract is the same as his urinary tract and in bulls the irritation can cause hardly an erection much less cure impotency. In men in very small doses there is some chance that the irritation can be experienced as sexual arousal, but in many it would just be irritation. Also, the fact that it is made by grinding the dead remains of these beetles “THAT ARE DEAD” for god knows how long seems like a great idea… right?

OH The Side Effects!

imagesIf you took a minute to even search the internet for the extremely possible side effects of Spanish Gold Fly trust us, you wouldn’t be reading this review. Yes, that’s how bad they are, here are a few:


Yep, right of the bat we have the most prominent and prevalent effect of Spanish Gold Fly. Have you ever wondered why this product is not on amazon? This is a major reason why. This product is by no means safe for any women who might be carrying a baby or might ever intend to. The irritation agent causes immense dame to anything it comes in contact with a fetus is no exception.

Mental Benefits

I’m pretty sure you read the part about mental benefits and breaks you out of depression, from their site right. Well congratulations it really does that, along with initiating delirium, confusion, cell damage, passing out and psychosis. Depression sounds better right now, buy a cat if you want to be less depressed but don’t buy Spanish Gold Fly.

Eyesight and Digestive System

You are literally drinking the dead remains of beetles God knows how long ago they died. Did you really expect your stomach to be OK afterwards? Spanish Gold Fly will cause you to cry, writhe and probably yell out in pain. But that’s nothing compared to the blinding burning sensation it causes in your eyes. These are but a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t even consider it even if it’s all natural (dead beetles).


At this point I feel like it isn’t even worth mentioning what I feel about this product. I for one got this product from the most authentic site I could find for not such a cheap price as the other sites were selling, which I’m majorly regretting right now as both would have left me writhing in agony. I hope you would never even consider buying this product again and give another libido enhancer product a try.