Spanish Fly Pro Test and Review

Spanish Fly Pro

When we got the first bottle of Spanish Fly Pro into the office, we were little skeptical. The bottle itself is just 5ml, which is good for about 10 uses.

And the price tag of 50 dollars is little higher than most of the competitors’ products we tried.


What you need to know about Spanish Fly Pro

It is libido enhancement product marked as a dietary supplement. It is in form of highly-concentrated drops.

The usage is simple. The user needs to mix 5 drops of the Spanish Fly Pro with any beverage (we found out that mixing it with Champagne makes wonders…). You should just avoid hot drinks such coffee or tea, the temperature kills the ingredients obliviously.


Our Pros of the Spanish Fly Pro

Number one – it works. As you might know, we tested lots of libido enhancements products, but hands down, this is what you expect to feel when you use such product. After few minutes you feel, well just better, you want to make love, every touch is more intense, you like everything much more, your sexual imaginations go crazy…

Number two – the dosage. You don’t have to take the product for weeks to make any difference. You don’t need to swallow big pills, rub anything on you and then wash it. Just mix it, drink and enjoy. Why complicate it?

Number three – it works for men too! Yes, yes, the woman is the one who doesn’t want sex. That’s just a cliche. Anybody in a long-term relationship knows the truth. After some time, the man is the one who doesn’t want to have sex. Spanish Fly Pro holds you back ladies!


Our Cons of The Spanish Fly Pro

Number one – the price. It just isn’t the low-cost type of product. 50 dollars for a bottle is pretty high. On the other hand. it’s like 5 bucks for a perfect night and that isn’t that bad. It looks like if you want to have the “real deal”, it cost money to make.

Number two – fake products. Since there is a huge demand for Spanish Fly Pro products, some others try to use it. We found some fake (counterfeit) products out there so be VERY careful from what website you are buying! Our recommendation as always – buy Spanish Fly Pro only at the OFFICIAL WEBSITE! In this case, it’s


Final Words on the Spanish Fly Pro

If you can spend 50 dollars and want to solve your sexual problems (and needs), go for it for sure. At least try it. They offer a real, 100% money back guarantee. So you have literally nothing to lose. And yeah, sometimes they have this huge sale on 3 bottles package, for like 100 bucks, so it’s 2+1 for free. But it’s probably just few time in a year.



Loss of libido or the desire to make love with their partner has become a major problem for relationships in recent years. It is not simply because they don’t want to, it’s a much more difficult and complicated.

Women are known to lose their sexual urges

three_bottlesWomen are known to lose their sexual urges during or after some major events in their life like when  they give birth to a child also during the breast feeding period. But a loss of libido that occurs for a fair amount or time or keeps recurring can be cause for major concern. A loss in Libido can greatly affect the relationship status.

No matter how much your partner loves you or how loyal your partner might be you can’t change the fact that without sex they won’t be able to stick around for long.

If you are someone who has libido loss just know that you are not alone, even married couples face this dilemma quite a bit and most times this ends up in a way that none of them wanted.

Women in U.S. are suffering in their marriages because of low libido

The American Medical Association has  estimated that over 50 million women in U.S. alone are suffering in their marriages because of low libido. To counter such a serious dilemma many tried to launched products that would return these women’s their lost libidos.

Among them many were fakes and many worked but were extremely dangerous. Out of all these today this review will be about the ever infamous Spanish Fly Pro.

What Is Spanish Fly Pro?

howto_glassesbottomMuch like the name Spanish Fly Pro originates from an old product which is called “Spanish fly”. It’s been said that this old Spanish Fly forced even some animals to mate to soothe the sudden urge that hit them when the liquid touched their bodies. Being the amusing tale that it is, this aphrodisiac has been aptly named because it promoted feelings of sexual urgency.

Sexual enhancer and libido booster for both women and men

Now it is being manufactured as a sexual enhancer and libido booster for both women and men. Compared to its other Spanish Fly counter parts Spanish Fly Pro boasts a truly effective and all natural formula that is sure to get you horny. It promises to deliver:

  • Increased sex drive instantaneously which includes overly wet vagina
  • Expect more intense climax and sensation
  • There will be an increased interest to have sex
  • Greater possibility of multiple orgasms
  • Quicker arousal and faster orgasm



Considered to its variants the Spanish Fly Pro is actually manufactured by a reputable Swiss pharmaceuticals laboratory. Though it is kind of vague from what I could understand (can’t read German) they are working with huge Univeristies, meaning their authenticity can be trusted. This factor alone makes it worth more than countless other sex enhancers that come from various and skeptical origins.

Is it Safe?

The question that takes precedence is that does it really work? With all the other Spanish Fly products that can basically cause you immeasurable harm, how does the Spanish Fly Pro do?

From what I researched and tested the Spanish Fly Pro DON’T have similar side effects as that of other Spanish Fly Products, these include inflammation of the kidney, itchiness and even burning sensations throughout the body. You don’t need to worry about this with Spanish Fly Pro.

By incorporating the use of multiple herbs and balancing the formula just right, the chances of Spanish Fly Pro causing any real damage no matter how much consumed is impeccable less than most other.

Does it Work?

The Second question on our minds that needs to be answered is that does it work? Well after personally trying it I did feel a lot of sexual energy welling up from within me. So I can say for sure that it does work. At least on me, for sure!

There is a slight problem

It works but there is the price. It worked just as it was supposed to on me and even on my boyfriend’s side. For me, it’s a great thing that this Spanish Fly Pro does work as it should for females but also for male! But there is the price you need to pay for that. And it’s little higher.

What Do Others Say?

pack_valueAfter doing some more research I did find several online shops selling Spanish Fly Pro and they were full of 4 – 5 star ratings finding a one lower was reasonably hard and when I found one it definitely felt bought. Doctors have also given the green on Spanish Fly Pro and is ok to take in succession.




If you are looking for a sexual enhancer that will get you and your partner riled up but bot to the point of going at it hard without any side effects, then Spanish Fly Pro is what you want. While I was doing research on Spanish Fly Pro I came across all Spanish Fly yet and did not find anything better than Spanish Fly Pro.