Spanish Fly Love Test and Review

spanish fly love 6It’s well known that everyone likes sex. Woman’s and girls are no exception. Rather some might even have greater sexual appetite then men. But as time passes things change. In the beginning you wanted to get your husband naked in bed as soon as possible and have the best night of your lives but now that drive and feeling might have been reduced or gone all together. You don’t have to worry about it, you are not alone. As time passes a girls sexual appetite just  starts reducing and her urge for sex starts to reduce along with it.

Over 50 million women in U.S. with low libido

The American Medical Association has estimated that over 50 million women in U.S. alone are suffering in their marriages because of low libido. Lack of libido doesn’t mean that they can’t have sex all together, they can orgasm and initiate in sex but they don’t enjoy it or even get turned on by the idea. Regardless to say it’s a major turn off for every man out there. While some very few who are lucky get over this on their own naturally but the majority of these women seek medical help and pay heavy fee’s with nothing to show for it.

Like to have sex?

Want your sexual urges and libido back again? Well with the new Spanish Fly Love forget about not having sexual urges, your libido will go of the charts. At the very least that’s what the manufacturers promise.

What Is Spanish Fly Love?

spanish fly love 5Spanish Fly Love is a new almost perfect blend of naturally occurring ingredients that boost energy levels, enhances sexual organs, help modulate hormone balance, improve mood, and stimulate the desire for sex in an all-natural way. This is said to increase erotic urges in both men and women and takes only about a couple of minutes to get started.

For better arousal levels and better orgasms

Spanish fly Love acts as an enhancer of the female libido and is taken by females to help them achieve better arousal levels and better orgasms. When it used in drop form, it can be used in medicine as a topical application for treatment of benign epithelial growths including most warts. They are also used in incense in Santeria. Spanish fly can be taken in liquid form, ranging between 5 -10 drops is enough to act as a sexual stimulant when mixed with water.

Spanish Fly Love originates

Much like the name Spanish Fly Love originates from an emerald green beetle which is called “Spanish fly” that secretes a substance called cantharides. It’s been said that cantharidians is one of the most effective stimulants known to women. The Spanish Fly is aptly used in a myriad of products but due to some certain side effects which the manufacturers fail to cover cause major harm. It is being manufactured as a sexual enhancer and libido booster for both women and men.

Truly effective and all natural formula

Compared to its other Spanish Fly counter parts Spanish Fly Love boasts a truly effective and all natural formula that is sure to get you horny. It promises to deliver:

  • Increased sex drive instantaneously which includes overly wet vagina
  • Expect more intense climax and sensation
  • There will be an increased interest to have sex
  • Greater possibility of multiple orgasms


How it works?

spanish fly love 4Spanish Fly Love is mixed with a drink mostly alcoholic and drunk a couple of minutes before sex. It produces a tingling and inflaming feeling in the genitals which leads to the arousal of sexual urges.

Consists of Formula

The formula consists of Canitis, Fructose, Melatonin and Water along with dried liquefied extracts of the Spanish Fly, the first three are known aphrodisiacs that have been used for thousands of years.

There are quite a few other herbs added to neutralize any possible side effects of the cantharidians. Its recorded benefits are:

  • Increased vaginal lubrication to trigger better sex
  • There is greater sensuality during sexual intercourse
  • The woman is able to get more and greater orgasms
  • Increased blood flow in the female labia
  • There is better clitoral stimulation
  • It rejuvenates a woman and acts as an energy booster
  • It boosts the immunity of the woman
  • The product is able to correct hormonal imbalances
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Quick acting product


Is It Safe?

spanish fly love 2The fact is that Spanish Fly Love is a great product for women who are trying to raise their sexual urges. The products if applied raw to the human body could cause a lot of problems but Spanish Fly Love removes all doubts by using natural ingredients to reduce the chances of any side effects.

It is safe to say that Spanish Fly Love is 100% all natural and compared to most other sexual enhancers of the market is much safer along with being much more effective. The real achievement of the product is that they actually have managed to minimize potential side effects of Spanish Fly Love which is a feat it’s other variants haven’t even come close to accomplishing.


Considering how many knock offs and scams there are in the sexual enhancer market finding one enhancer as good or safe as Spanish Fly Love is no short then a lucky break.

As our review shows, Spanish Fly Love is a highly recommended aphrodisiac as it is safe and does actually work, but seems to me little less effective than Spanish Fly Pro.