Sounds You Do Not Want Your Body To Make

Do you know what sounds your body makes? Of course you do! And do you know whether they are heathy or not? Well, if not, let us help you find out!

  1. Popping hnees and ankles – this is not good. Actually, if this happens, you should visit a doctor, because otherwise, it will get worse and worse as you get older.
  2. Rumbling stomach – this sound does not imply that you should eat. Only eat if you really are hungry, not simply because your stomach is rumbling. And if the rumbling is painful, you should probably visit your doctor.
  3. Snoring – if you snore often, and then when you wake up you are tired throughout the entire day, you should probably visit your doctor.
  4. Clicking jawbone – if you experience pain, you should avoid eating chewy foods. And definitely avoid gums!
  5. Whistle coming through your nose – sometimes, it may just be that you need to use a spray. However, if you just had an injury and the whistling started right after it, you should see your doctor.
  6. Buzzing in your ear – if you hear buzzing regularly, you should visit your doctor.
  7. If your heart is beating and you can hear it in your ears, you should see the doctor immediately.

So? What sounds do you hear?

Lydia Simpson