How To Protect Your Teeth

We all want that beautiful smile. And in order to have it, we need to have beautiful teeth, right? Well, this might be a little bit tricky, because if we want our teeth to be healthy and beautiful, we need to take proper care of it. And we need to stop doing things that are actually harming our teeth.

Because believe it or not, there are things we are doing unintentionally. Just like these:

  1. Chewing ice – apart from being absolutely bad for those who have sensitive teeth, it can also crack or chip your teeth. So perhaps next time, when you will be in temptation of chewing ice, just drop it.
  2. Not having mouth guard while playing sports. You are just lucky that nothing bad happened.
  3. Not protecting the teeth of your baby. How many times is your baby falling asleep with a bottle in their mouth?
  4. Having a tongue piercing.
  5. Teeth grinding.
  6. Cough drops – they are loaded with sugar.
  7. Drinking soda.
  8. Eating gummy bears.
  9. Sugary sports drinks.
  10. Fruit juices.
  11. Potato chips.
  12. Snacks – when snacking, your mouth produces less saliva, which leads to bits of food stuck between your teeth.
  13. Coffee – when drinking coffee, you will hardly maintain that white color of your teeth that you want.
  14. Smoking – can cause decolouring of your teeth too.

So basically, if you continue eating sweets and drinking alcohol, it is not going to get you anywhere.

Jessica Hawk