How To Make Good Impression During Your Internship

Hooray! You are finally having your first internship at a real company! Well, although, we all know how it goes. Interns usually do not do that much. And often, people do not even know about them. Which is a pitty. However, that does no mean that your internship is useless, right? Just think about how good it is going to look on your CV!

Well, nevermind. Because believe it or not. There are people who notice you! And that means that even though you feel that you are not that important, you should definitely try not to spoil your chances of later getting a real job by doing something inappropriate. Or by being ignorant.

So, here is the list of things that you should never wear to your internship. No matter that you only are an intern, This is just too much:

Flip Flops – flip flops are the worst. They belong to beach and although they are comfortable, you should never ever wear them to work unless you are working as a lifeguard at the beach or local pool.

Tank Tops – just too much skin. You do not probably want everyone in the office to think that you have just returned from the gym, right?

Short Shorts – I know, times have changed, but still, they have not changed that much.

Hoodies – just no!

Just wear something nice and elegant. And remember that less is sometimes more.

Lydia Simpson