How To Have Perfect Nails

Every woman wants to have healthy and beautiful nails. Ain´t that right? Well, the great news is that in order to have such great nails, you do not have to visit a professional and have fake nails done. You can simply make them look healthy by changing your eating habits!

So, at first, start by examining your nails. Are they pink, red, dark red or pale? Well, if they are pink, then they are probably healthy. If they are dark red, it signifies a high level of omega 3 fatty acids.

Pale – poor blood circulation.

If your nails are weak, then you are probably missing calcium.

So, what should oyu do if your nails are out of normal? Well, you should start by taking some vitamin B, E, H but also calcium and zinc. Fish oil and jelly can also help you get healthy and beautiful nails. Dairy products can help you keep your nails from breaking.

Also, wear gloves when it is cold outside and apply hand cream or olive oil on your nails every night. You will be suprised by the positive effects!


Jessica Hawk