How Not To Get Sick While Flying

Flying is not safe, when it comes to your health. Seriously, being locked up with a whole bunch of strangers and being forced to use the shared bathroom, well, let´s be honest, it is not something ideal, is it? Nevermind, because with our help, you can easily avoid getting sick on your flight.

If a person sitting next to you coughs all the time, just ask them to cover their mouth. That is the least they can do. Or, if you like, you can get a face mask!

If you have to use the bathroom, make sure you protect yourself as well as you can. So do not forget to use paper towel to open and close the door and to flush the toilet. And of course, wash your hands carefully!

Bring a hand sanitizer, if you can. And wipe everything you intend to touch.

Do not forget to stay hydrated on the plane and, move your legs, so that you avoid DVT.

Another problem that the passengers have to face is the dry air. The best defence is moisturizer. Apply it during the flight.

Jessica Hawk