Germany Sex Drops Test and Review

A single honest review stands above a hundred dishonest reviews. That’s what we believe in and that’s why we bring you the completely honest review of the infamous Germany Sex Drops.

What Exactly Are Germany Sex Drops?

562714Germany sex drops are supposedly an all-natural libido enhancement product for women.  It is safe to use and effective.  If women are struggling with low libido and they want to use an all-natural product to help, Germany Sex Drops.

16% of women had a low sex drive

A survey was conducted of 24,709 British people, in which it was found that, at any one time, about 16% of women had a low sex drive or didn’t feel any sexual urges at all. This isn’t all there is to it, a U.S survey was also conducted of 32,000 women and found that 38% reported a lack of sexual desire or not feeling any urges. This is not a new major issue but rather has been around for centuries. SO it’s only logical that any women would jump on the idea of buying a natural libido enhancer and Germany Sex Drops promises them exactly that.

Germany Sex Drops increases lubrication, improves blood flow, enhances sensation, and promotes libido increase. It also helps with your overall health and wellbeing. But does it really?

How Does It Work?

20r0mlhoo1bneaex1vgnGermany sex drops come in liquid form packed in a bottle. The women is free to apply it anywhere she wants but its intended area of use is on, near and around the vagina. Just take whatever you feel appropriate and rub it on and that’s basically all the directions of use provided by the manufacturers. This is obviously kind of sketch but well one can also assume it as a try and see method. First try what you feel most appropriate and then slowly start increasing the quantity to suit your needs.

Not having an amount of dosage pre-determined has led to quite a few women either applying too much or too little, not that it had much of an effect but because the bottle ended much sooner than one would think of. And since in all the ingredients the amount of water is the highest, you don’t have to worry about taking too little or too much since the results aren’t likely to show either way.

The Ingredients/Side Effects

2-Germany-Sex-DropsProbably the most suspicious and baseless list of ingredients and benefits without a doubt goes too Germany Sex Drops. The official list of ingredients for Germany Sex Drops tells us that they are made from herbal materials. They are water, fructose, melatonin and canitis.

What is melatonin?

For starters melatonin is a hormones that help to control your sleep cycle. It’s available as supplement to improve sleep patterns, control chronic cluster headache, strengthen immune system and reduce free radicals of the body. On the entire internet or in any books or even during medieval times there has been completely no proof or even the slightest of indication of melatonin being even remotely related to sexual libido. On further analysis and research we found that melatonin is the worst thing any pregnant women or anyone who needs to concentrate should take.

Different types of melatonin

Furthermore, there just happen to be 2 different types of melatonin, one is natural and the other is man-made. Man-made melatonin is prone to contain harmful bacteria and viruses that can cause some serious damage to your immune system. Germany Sex Drops have never made clear which of these they are using as an ingredient or have provided any proof of these even working. But that’s not even the worst part because the second ingredient is canitis. Wondering what that is> So are we. In short no ingredient by the name of canitis exists. Yes, you read it right canitis does not show up on Wikipedia or even a chemical or mineral chart. Even considering the slight possibility of it being a special mixture made by Germany Sex Drops, they have yet to provide any evidence or even the slightest indication of providing any kind of information to back the mystical “canitis”.


Don’t be there’s nothing to worry about because over 80% of the ingredient in Germany Sex Drops is water. Water makes up over 80% of Germany Sex Drops the other less than 20% is the ever harmful melatonin and the mystical canitis.

sexdropsBut does it work?

After going through the review till now if you still ned to know if they work or not, the answer is a resounding absolutely not. Don’t want to take our word for it? Read on one of the many blogs online that it’s the best and safest and canitis is magic?

Well the only way to really know if it truly works is to try and see, which we unfortunately already did and so did the countless other women who bought the product through Amazon the most reputable online market.  After applying over a quarter of the bottle and not feeling a single urge or even a scratch on my privates I was truly hesitant to try anymore. After researching about the product online I actually booked an appointment with a doctor to make sure that I didn’t make a mistake that I’ll regret for the rest of my life.

Thinking that I’m being to direct or offensive? Germany Sex Drops received hardly a 2 star on each review and then there was the occasional over exited 5 star which was obviously paid. Again, these reviews are not found on some random blog but the actual global online market Amazon.

The Verdict

In the end it is completely safe to say that Germany Sex Drops are neither worth the time, expense or medical fees which you might have to pay if you actually used it. Until more information regarding canitis the mystery ingredient is shared I will never be using it again.