For When You Cannot Live Without Cheese

Let’s be honest: not eating cheese sucks. No matter what diet you are having, you need to somehow implement cheese into it, right? Well, although it sounds impossile to eat healthy and still eat cheese, it actually is possible. Let me show you how!

  1. Make your pizza differently! Instead of having a basic crust, try a cauliflower one! It is made of cauliflower, cheese and pesto!
  2. Make a fancy quesadilla! With a whole wheat tortilla. Find out how here.
  3. Make zucchini noodles. And them bake them in your oven. Covered with cheese, of course.
  4. Make skinny version of baked mozzarella sticks. Use skim mozzarella and Panko breadcrumbs.
  5. Make broccoli cheddar soup. Skinny, of course.

Basically, just do not give up on any of your favourite food. Better try to make a skinny version of it, or, a healthier version by adding lots of vegetables. Noodles made of squash or zucchini are the best option for when you are craving for some cheese.

Cheese is great! But you still should be careful and eat it moderately.


Jessica Hawk