Foods That Should Not Be Eaten During Winter

It is great that you can get any fruit of vegetable all year around in your local supermarket, right? Well, is it really? The fact is that if it is winter in your country, then certain products are probably travelling across the globe and that way they lose the nutrients. In other words, they are not as healthy as you probably think them to be.

So, which foods should not be consumed during the winter? Here is a list!

  1. Do not buy packed greens. Go for fresh kale instead!
  2. Asparagus is definitely not as good and healthy as it is in the spring. During the winter, go for brussels sprouts.
  3. Choose persimmons instead of peaches. Peaches are good only in the summer!
  4. Fresh peas should also not be eaten during the winter, instead buy yourself some frozen edamame.
  5. You should also skip corn on the cob and go for frozen version of corn instead.
  6. Replace fresh strawberries that really do not have much taste during the winter with frozen strawberries.
  7. Skip the tomatoes. Go for jared or canned versions.

Well, now you know which products you should not buy and which you should buy instead. Do not worry, soon winter will be over and you will be free to buy anything you want.

Lydia Simpson