Energy-Boosting Snacks

These snacks are the best for when you need some energy in the afternoon!

  1. Shrimp cocktail – not everybody┬┤s cup of tea. However, if it happens to be yours, then feel free to have one! Although, it is quite weird to probably have this type of snack at work, right? Well, nevermind, because shrimp cocktail is low in calories and full of lean protein. So, screw what other people think, right?
  2. Pumpkin pudding – it is easy to prepare and delicious. Simply mix greek yogurt with pumpkin puree and you have the delicious and healthy snack!
  3. Hummus-filled eggs – simply take out the yolks of boiled eggs and fill them up with hummus. Sounds awesome, right? Well it also is!
  4. Green tea mango smoothie – instead of having a cup of coffee, have a smoothie made of green tea. All you need to prepare this delicious snack is mango, greek yogurt, vanilla and green tea. Enjoy your snack!
  5. Bagel with bean cheese – yeah, you are reading it well, beans cheese! You will prepare this cheese simply by mashing cannellini beans with various kinds of spices and salt. And that is it!

Now, enjoy your snacks!

Jessica Hawk