Does Your Immunity Need A Boost?

How do you know whether it is the time to give your immunity a boost? Well, if you have problems with this then this signs may help you with making the right decision!

  1. You eat too much sugar. And that is bad, because it ruins the ability of the white blood cells to kill the bacteria.
  2. You are dehydrated. Well, if you are not drinking enough water, your body is incapable of getting rid of the toxins. just make sure that you drink enough water! If you do, your urine should be pale yellow.
  3. You are overweight. But, we do not mean that you have a pound to lose, but if you really are overweight and your BMI is over 40, you may have some serious problems.
  4. You drink water that contains too much arsenic.
  5. If your nose is too dry, your immunity probably needs some boost.
  6. You are stressed. When you are stressed, you get sick easily.
  7. You catch cold every once in a while.

So? What do you think? Are you healthy? Or do you think that your body needs some kick?

Lydia Simpson