Are You Ignoring These Cancer Symptoms?

Most of you will probably not even want to read this. Sure, you do not want to be suspecting every single pain or bump to be a symptom of cancer. And we do not even want you to do that, however, there are some things you should not be ignoring and it is better that you know it.

  1. Strange lumps and bumps. You indeed need to have them checked out by yout doctor.
  2. You have a cough that does not go away. And we do not mean the cough you have when you have cold. We are talking about cough that persists.
  3. Changes in bowel movemets that happen regularly. Yes, sometimes this may be just a reaction to food intolerance, but if you are not sure that this is the case, then you should be careful!
  4. Blood or pain durin urination. Talk about this to your doctor.
  5. The pain that you cannot explain. And that does not go away.
  6. A sore throat that lasts forever and does not go away.
  7. A weight loss that you did not try for. If you suddenly lose weight without changing your eating habits, you should be careful.


Jessica Hawk