Are You A Hardcore Walker?

Walking is awesome, ain´t that right? Although not many peopple know it, it is true! You do not really have to pay anything for it and you can do it whenever you want and for as long as you want. And you do not even have to practise because, let´s be honest, everybody knows how to walk, right? However, since more and more people are slowly beginning to discover the benefits of walking, it is slowly becoming a new trend. A trend that has its hardcore followers!

So, are you one of them? Let´s find out!

  1. You have the complete outfit. And you never go walking without dressing up properly. Ever.
  2. When you are driving and you open Your GPS application, it is set to walking and not to driving. That can be wuite confusing, right?
  3. You become tired of driving and you would much rather be walking instead.
  4. Everyone knows you. Well, everyone in your neighbourhood knows you.
  5. You want to get a dog in order to have someone to walk with you.
  6. You do not really care about crappy weather.
  7. Your Instagram account is full of pictures from your walks.
  8. You do not care about sleeping. You have no problems with waking up early.
  9. You tend to get lost because you walk so far.
  10. Sometimes you sing and dance along the way. Even though people are watching.

Well? Are you a hardcore walker?

Jessica Hawk