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MissionFrom initial response to long term support, RHV is committed to organizing sustainable recovery in Red Hook through the use of volunteerism.

Vision: To form a Disaster Relief Team which will provide initial response and volunteer mobilization wherever it may be needed.


In 2012, a group of local residents and community organizers, later to be known as Red Hook

Volunteers, came together in the wake of Hurricane Sandy to provide volunteer management, 

information, and direct resources to the Red Hook community. In collaboration with various 

individuals, groups and government agencies, RHV became an umbrella organization as 

it worked to meet the immediate needs of Red Hook residents. RHV worked with those 

organizations to dispatch and deploy thousands of volunteers pouring into the community. As 

recovery needs continued in the weeks following the storm, RHV became the central filter for 

volunteers seeking to assist businesses and homeowners with recovery efforts.

Directly following Hurricane Sandy, RHV working with volunteers and partner organizations 

accomplished the following:


*Assisted 544+ homes and businesses with ongoing emergency cleanup and salvage efforts.

*Mobilized and dispatched over 4,000 volunteers to homes, businesses and rescue operation 

centers throughout the community.

*Canvassed and located 210 home bound residents and delivered supplies and hot food twice 

daily to these residents and other families.

*Cooked, coordinated and served meals to 1,000 individuals a day.

*Administered health care to 800+ people in need.

*Advocated and supported the reopening of the local health clinic providing equipment, cleanup 

of center, patient data and medical supplies.

*Coordinated with various donors and government agencies for intake of supplies for distribution 

to the community.


RHV anticipates a continued need for its operations. Even after the immediate and urgent 

need for disaster relief began to shift to recovery and rebuilding, RHV continues to coordinate 

thousands of volunteers and plans to expand to include skilled Disaster Relief Teams. Working 

in conjunction with the NYC Mayor's Office, RHV will provide free mold remediation training and 

necessary supplies to community residents. Ultimately, RHV hopes to expand its service area to 

include any and all communities struggling with disaster recovery. To donate or volunteer contact 

us at redhookvolunteers.org or 718-306-9149.


Meet the Staff/Board    

Mike Elders

Jovan Burch