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Red Hook Volunteers is a group dedicated to the sustainable recovery and reconstruction of the Red Hook community after the devastating floods of Hurricane Sandy.  This group is made up of first responders, educators, and local residents.  We offer help to residents and business, owners and renters in the Red Hook area. Many in Red Hook were struggling even before the storm and we want to make things better than before the storm.

Everyone in Red Hook was effected in someway by Hurricane Sandy. A few people in Red Hook are still without power, heat, and water. Many people have not received the help needed to rebuild after the storm. Through community empowerment, sensitivity, and education we hope to promote mutual-aid.  Red Hook Volunteers has a mission of recovery within the framework of social justice and equality. Working in partnership with the community we intend to; distribute supplies, meet immediate needs and collaborate with existing community spaces who are also doing this work.

Where does our money go?

We are working on a structure that promotes total visibility and accountability so you can see how donated funds are allocated. The donations go towards supplies and tools needed to help those in need around Red Hook, they go towards keeping the doors open for people in Red Hook to come and get the help that they need, and they go towards keeping the volunteers coming into Red Hook.

Who/ How we are committed to helping

Connecting thousands of volunteers to those in Red Hook that have been affected by storms in life.

Support for dedicated coordinators, who have been helping day in and day out with the entire recovery process.

Assistance with preparing residents for future storms by creating a relief training program for community members.

Matching the unemployed with skilled tradesmen to learn the skills needed to gain necessary employment.

Offering alternatives to FEMA loans for those that do not qualify for aid, and/or can not afford to go into debt in a time of crisis, and those who cannot afford loans with interest rates in a time when they are already losing work and having to rebuild their lives.  

How you can help!

Donate!  Work with us in order to help with this re-growth!  Monetary funds are a crucial part in the recovery of Red Hook! 

If you would like to volunteer please go to our volunteer page and fill out our form! Please note that we are looking for all types of volunteers to help in the relief and our efforts will be concentrated mostly on the Weekends (subject to change). Also, if you are a skilled worker ie: electrician, contractor, lawyer, or have specialty skills then please note them!

With a platform promoting equality, we hope to support re-growth from public to private housing.  If you are interested in supporting the small businesses that were also devastated by Sandy then please visit  www.restoreredhook.org for more information. 


Meet the Founders  

Kirby Desmarais  

Mike Elders

Jovan Burch